College Newspaper Comparison

Our main goal for our class project is to examine established student newspapers, similar to Mount Mary’s Arches, and examine the various ways that social media benefits these papers. What makes other students newspapers and their social media endeavors successful?

Our first step in conducting this research was to find a small, liberal arts college that was similar in size and studies to Mount Mary. We found this little gem, Emerson College, located in Boston, MA.

Next, we examined its student newspaper, The Berkely Beacon. In comparison to Mount Mary’s Arches, the Beacon also had an online site,  

After browsing their online paper, we dug deeper and researched it’s fan page and readership via facebook. In conducting this research, we looked at factors of the Beacon’s readers including sex and age. In comparing the Beacon’s reader to Arches, we feel as though we are going to next be able to determine content and marketing strategies that lure new readers to the newspaper and keep their seasoned readers coming back. We took a random sample of 125 readers from each of the fan pages.

*Arches currently has 229 fans and The Berkely Beacon has 141 on their facebook pages


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