Mount Mary Promotes Social Media…On Paper!

If you have been in the hallways of Mount Mary recently, you will have seen many posters taped to the walls advertising and promoting their new Social Media! As comical as this may be, we have included the text from this advertisement:

The Social Media Buzz at Mount Mary College

There is a buzz over the Mount Mary College campus that is too loud to ignore. The Mount Mary College community, prospective students and alumnae are moving online to take part in the fast growing social media realm.

The biggest buzz on campus in over the “conversation” taking place on This past May, Mount Mary College launched the new @MountMary¬†account. Here, the College creates 140-word postings, called “tweets,” that users can choose to “follow,” make “retweets” that forward to the post to their own followers or simply reply. The environment builds trust between “tweeters” with an old fashioned, friendly feel. The fast forward push of information creates a kindetic buzz and that kind of energy is hard to resist.

Mount Mary is also seeing an increase in the overall online traffic since introducing blogs and multimedia elements such as Flickr and YouTube to its website. The results are impressive and the expectation is that students will be looking for more. Since adding a new blog to its already thriving social media service in February, the number of bloggers at Mount Mary has quadrupled with contributions from students, faculty, admission staff and guests. Blogs are posted weekly and are read by over 150 people each month.

Erica Neuberger, Assistant Director of Marketing and Public Relations for Recruitment and Web site, has noticed the impact that the web site has on recruitment efforts. According to Neuberger, “More and more students are exploring their college options online. Using social media sites such as Flickr, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter help us get the word out about Mount Mary College. In 2009, Mount Mary had more than 197,000 visitors to the web site and we are on track to exceed that number in 2010. Since incorporating Flickr and YouTube into the College web site, the College has had 77,032 photo views of Flickr and 3,341 video views of YouTube.”

Prospective students are now offered the opportunity through these various sites to be virtual visitors to the campus. The use of video channels on YouTube, photo slideshows on Flickr and a 360-degree tour of campus are a great preview and often encourage students to make a real visit.

The use of online media as a recruitment tool is not new to Mount Mary’s Admission Office. For several years, Mount Mary has been connecting with prospective and current students using networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook.


Benefits of Social Media

1. Reach a wide audience…for free! – Social networks allow an outlet to reach a wide audience for no cost.

2. Update all the time РTimely source for sending informational updates.

*3. People choose whether or not to participate – People willingly choose to participate in the online organization – can filter through their own information.

4. Comments can provide after-the-fact source material/ another form of quotes, details, etc.

Drawbacks of Social Media

1. If you do participate, you do not need to participate – Even if you do follow/friend the school’s fanpage, it does not mean that you necessarily pay attention.

2. Information overload – Updated information on the social media sites, mixed with our hectic lifestyles can lead to information overload.

3. If you’re not plugged in, you’re not in the loop on the scoop – Without consistent internet access, you may miss out on vital information and updates.

*4. People choose whether or not to participate – People willingly choose to participate in the online organization – can filter through their own information.

5. Old people don’t care.

6. Loss of revenue: hard copy papers can get paid advertisers.

Movie Time

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